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In spite of the search engine of this site, I have added a convenient Table of Contents page with the titles of the posts. Visitors with a general interest in the Chinese food and beverage industry can browse through this list and click on any topic that arouses their interest. For those interested in specific topics, I have set up a few categories and tagged each title for an appropriate category.




posts about the adaptation of traditional foods and beverages to modern industrial production.


posts reporting innovative products


posts about food-related policy, political and legal issues, etc.


Introducing a city or a region


Introducing a single company


posts about the food industry in general or a particular market.


posts introducing the distinctive traits of a social group

[Market] Food for world peace

[Market] Instant noodles – possibly the world’s most resilient food

[Tradition] What on earth are . . . dumplings?

[Policy] Infant formulae in China – a showcase of Chinese food policy

[Tradition] What on earth is . . . jiang?

[Tradition] What on earth are . . . mantou?

[Tradition] Babao Porridge – food that enlightens

[Company] Will Nestlé’s challenger be Chinese?

[Tradition] What on earth is . . . furu?

[Tradition] Jinhua ham – the Chinese challenge to Pata Negra

[Tradition] Quick frozen future for traditional Chinese snacks

[Tradition] Traditional Chinese dairy products

[Tradition] Medicine Food Same Source

[Market] Get the best out of Food Ingredients China (FIC)

[Market] Leisure food – A food group strongly embedded in Chinese culture

[Tradition] Lotus – beautiful to see and nutritious to eat

[Tradition] Old Soup – new process – the ultimate Chinese savoury product

[Tradition] Hot and savoury: fermented bean chili sauce

[Tradition] What on earth are . . . . moon cakes?

[Policy] Feeding China’s military

[Tradition] Rice wine – not really Chinese sake

[Local] Pu’er – where coffee, tea, wine all coming together

[Market] The market for flour improvers and ingredients in China

[Tradition] Sea cucumber – a slug with nutritional properties

[Market] China’s top food brands in 2014

[Market] China’s popular biscuit brands

[Market] Date (jujube) Processing in China – spotted in New Mexico

[Market] Food ingredients purchasing behaviour in China

[Tradition] The most representative Chinese pickle: zhacai

[Market] Formulated milk beverages in China

[Tradition] Baijiu – not Chardonnay, but perhaps an alternative for whiskey

[Market] Bread in China – from snack to staple, though still for the young urban

[Market] Potato growing & processing in China

[Market] Protein drinks – the Chinese alternative for dairy

[Tradition] What on earth are . . . mahua?

[Tradition] Favourite Chinese flavours – Yuxiang – Fishy without fish

[Tradition] Huamei – preserved plums – from popular snack to innovative candy

[Market] Food companies in China’s top 100/500

[Market] How old is yoghurt in China?

[Tradition] Peking Duck – from big bite to one-bite snack

[Policy] Public nutrition in China

[Market] Cheers! How Chinese discuss beer online

[Local] Harbin – where the West meets the East

[Market]  Chinese acquire a taste for olive oil

[Tradition] How an Old Godmother has created China’s growing chili culture

[Market] Candy in China – not only for the eyes

[Policy] Growing your own food: Chinese consumers’ response to food safety issues

[Policy] Slow Food in the fastest growing economy – sustainable cooking in China

[Tradition] Traditional Chinese snack food

[Tradition] What on earth are . . . zongzi?

[Tradition] What on earth are . . . saqima?

[Market] Is China the future for chocolate?

[Innovation] Crab Roe Flavoured Seed Kernels – a fine example of Chinese food engineering

[Market] Train food in China

[Tradition] Guoba – from nuisance to delicacy

[Innovation] Artificial jelly fish – Chinese can make it look, feel and taste real

[Market] New milk ad reflects cultural change in China

[Tradition] The revival of famous food and beverage brands of the past

[Market]  Food for brands

[Market] Chinese desserts

[Market] Fish paste – from offal to Chinese haute cuisine

[Market] The rise of China’s new coffee culture

[Market] Cheese in China – a gargantuan challenge

[Market] China: the world’s biggest ice cream market

[Tradition] Millet – an old food rejuvinated

[Market] Discovering the Holiland . . . in China

[Market] Let’s meat in China – the indigenous classification of meat products

[Market] Drinks galore – the Chinese typology of beverages

[Market] 2015 in review

[Innovation] New foods launched in China in 2015

[Market] China’s breakfast revolution

[Policy] China’s Halal food

[Market] The Chinese sense of strawberries – candy among fruit

[Innovation] Chinese industrial food recipes

[Local] China’s food capital – Yantai

[Policy] Belt and road – wheat and Yeast, and more

[Market] Eggs – Chinese like them salty

[Policy] Food and tourism in China

[Policy] China’s many capitals – regional food chauvinism in China

[Policy] Grapes of wealth – Boxi Vineyard in Pengshui

[Market] Tea, in China not only for drinking.

[Innovation] Sour is the new sweet in China – young Chinese food scientists play with vinegar

[Tradition] Soy sauce, like jiang but more liquid

[Innovation] Fishy innovation – young Chinese food technologists knocking themselves out

[Market] China and wine – a growing love affair

[Market] Enzyme applications in the Chinese food and beverage industry

[Innovation] I love You – What Chinese do with oat

[Market] Niangao – Chinese New Year Cake

[Local] China’s major food regions

[Market] Bird’s nest – if you can’t eat them, drink them

[Market] Vegetarian food in China

[Market] Nothing sweeter than sweet potato

[Market] Tomatoes in the Chinese kitchen and even more for export

[Market} Shaji – the unknown superfruit

[Company] Mengniu – Game changer of the Chinese dairy industry

[Market] Yangmei – super yummy superfruit

[Company] Yanjing – the Emperor’s beer

[Tradition] Balancing the five flavours (and one more)

[Market] Who is making food (ingredients) in China? – the structure of the Chinese food industry

[Tradition] What on earth are . . . youtiao?

[Policy] The Chinese food additive registration

[Policy] Top food technology programs in Chinese universities

[Market] Canned food – a luxury item in China

[Local] Zhangzhou: China’s second (first?) food capital

[Market] Beans in China: too many to count, but never enough

[Market] Sweet gold – the Chinese honey market

[Market] China’s two dairy giants – Yili and Mengniu – compared

[Market] China and luncheon meat – a remarkable relationship

[Market] Fruit jelly in China – struggling to come back

[Market} The market for functional beverages in China seems rather redbullish

[Market] Eating grass – Chinese slowly discovering salads as meals

[Market] Mid Autumn Goody Box – fancier food for a traditional festival

[Market] China’s top private food & beverage companies of 2019

[Market] Water chestnut – a very Chinese ingredient

[Innovation] You are not eating pastry, but culture

[Market] Camel milk – fad or trend?

[Social] What Chinese food lovers love most

[Tradition] Pink is the colour of spring and hope for 2020 in China

[Market] The most popular food and beverage brands in China in 2020

[Market][Tradition] Savoury ice cream in China – Where East meets West

[Market] Time to sober up – the Chinese way

[Market] Chinese yam – food that helps digest itself

[Martket] Health food from China’s coasts: China’s seaweed industry

[Market] Yoghurt: the centre in Chinese food innovation

[Market] Preserved fruit – possibly China’s the oldest candy

[Market] Bamboo – Chinese eat it too.

[Market] Unifood – university students as drivers of food innovation in China

[Market] Cosmetics food same source

[Market] Hot Pot – how a traditional way of eating has developed into a complete market

[Market] Dirty coffee – the next stage in China’s emerging coffee market

[Social] China’s single dogs and their punk diet

[Social] China’s silver hairs are challenging the single dogs

[Regional] Top Chinese regions for various foods

[Market] China’s new funky ice creams for the 2022 summer

[Tradition] Herbal tea – China’s recent beverage trend

[Market] Top 5 Chinese food and beverage companies for selected industries

[Market] The Chinese creatine industry (2022)

[Market] Milk tea brands cover their sins with artificial sweeteners

[Market] Totole – a chicken as the flagship of the Chinese seasoning industry

[Market] The China’s lactic acid industry in 2022

[Market] The Chinese health food market in 2023

[Market] Chinese subway stations start selling prepared meals


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