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Eurasia Consult scans the food news from China on a daily basis.

On this page, we regularly drop a few lines of what we believe to be interesting information picked up during all that scanning. We will select items that do usually not reach the international media. We will make an effort to start with a clean page each Monday.

I have been away for a week, but was back in time to post this update for the entire week.

Update 6-10/7/2020

  • According to the China Child Industry Centre, 30%-50% of the expenditure of the average Chinese household goes to children; RMB 17,000 – 25,000 per household p.a.
  • Swallow nest processor Yan Palace has received an International Food Standard certification.
  • According to Wine Australia, Australian export value in the month of March 2020 to China was 43% lower than March 2019 and 14% lower than the same quarter in 2019.
  • Beverage producer Yuanqi Senlin has finished construction of its new plant in Chuzhou (Anhui), with a bottling capacity of 450 mln bottles p.a.
  • China imported 8.49 mln mt of palm oil in 2019 – about 17% of global imports for the year.
  • Shanghai Bright has added a new product to is Jcan healthy yoghurts, fortified with lutein ester and DHA.
  • The Chinese authorities have approved maize oligopeptide powder for use in foods.
  • The China State Cereals & Oils Information Centre estimates the maize consumption in the market year 2020-2021 at 293 mln mt; 25 mln mt will need to be imported.
  • Weiquan has launched a new type of coconut drink called Haoheye (‘Tasty Coconut).
  • Meiji Dairy has started expanding its plant in Suzhou. The new capacity will be 162,000 mt p.a.
  • The joint venture plant of Junlebao Dairy and the Beiqi Group has started production. Its capacity is 150 mln cans of milk powder p.a.