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Eurasia Consult scans the food news from China on a daily basis.

On this page, we regularly drop a few lines of what we believe to be interesting information picked up during all that scanning. We will select items that do usually not reach the international media. We will make an effort to start with a clean page each Monday.

Update 2/12/2019

  • China has approximately 9.2 million honey bee swarms; 13% of the global population.
  • Luckin Coffee’s turnover in the 3rd quarter of 2019 was RMB 1.5416 billion; broken down into: income from beverages: RMB 1.1454 billion; from other products: RMB 348.7 million.
  • Tea beverage maker Xiangpiaopiao has generated a turnover of RMB 871 million in the first 3 quarters of 2019; up 303.6%.

Update 3/12/2019

  • The Port of Tianjin has imported 396000 mt of pork in the first 10 months of 2019; up 34.6%.

Update 4/12/2019

  • The Chinese market for meal replacers is estimated at RMB 57.17 billion and is expected to grow to RMB 120 billion.
  • The sales of organic infant formula is growing in China. German producer Hipp witnessed annual growth of about 20%.

Update 5/12/2019

  • A research base for food for elderly has been established at the Zhejiang Gongshang University in Hangzhou, in cooperation with the Zhejiang Golden Years Senior Care Co.

Update 6/12/2019

  • A new type of selenium rich rice has been launched in Hailun (Heilongjiang).

I will be travelling in China again for a week, and may not be able to update this page as regularly as you are used to.