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Eurasia Consult scans the food news from China on a daily basis.

On this page, we regularly drop a few lines of what we believe to be interesting information picked up during all that scanning. We will select items that do usually not reach the international media. We will make an effort to start with a clean page each Monday.

Update 3/12/2018

  • Pacific Coffee has announced that it will add tea to its product range offered in its Chinese outlets.
  • Yili Dairy (Inner Mongolia) has acquired Chomthana, Thailand’s largest domestic ice cream company.

Update 4/12/2018

  • Yet another new coffee chain, Greybox Coffee, has started operating in China.
  • China’s leading meat processor Shineway (Shuanghui) has founded a business college of its own.

Update 5/12/2018

  • The Zhongjian Group has signed a cooperation agreement with the government of Shandong province to erect a ‘healthy meat’ base in the provincial capital Ji’nan, comprising the entire production chain.
  • A recent survey shows that the per capital consumption of nuts and seeds in China is 7 gr per day, considerably lower that the global average.

Update 6/12/2018

  • A board member of Yili Dairy, Hu Liping, has resigned from that post unexpectedly.
  • A coffee shop will open soon in the Imperial Palace in Beijing.
  • China has produced 10,280,398 mt of sugar during the first 9 months of 2018.
  • China has produced 42,043,390.42 mt of salt during the first 9 months of 2018.

Update 7/12/2018

  • The following table lists the national output of various non-alcoholic beverages in China during the first 9 months of 2018
Product Volume (hls)
Carbonated drinks 135,993,620
Bottled water 682,930,950
Fruit and vegetable juice drinks 126,945,130
Other types 126,817,799