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Eurasia Consult scans the food news from China on a daily basis.

On this page, we regularly drop a few lines of what we believe to be interesting information picked up during all that scanning. We will select items that do usually not reach the international media. We will make an effort to start with a clean page each Monday.

Update 21/9/2020

  • Shuangta Food (Yantai, Shandong) has announced that it intends to increase its capacity for pea protein with 15,000 mt p.a. to satisfy the growing demand for vegetable protein.
  • China has produced 71.676 mln mt of soybean meal in 2019; up 6.5%.
  • China’s vegetable exports of 2019 generated USD 15.497 billion in hard currency; up 1.7%.
  • China has produced 721.026 mln mt of vegetables in 2019; up 2.5%.
  • China has produced 77,587,800 mt of meat in 2019; down 10.04%. The decrease was caused by African Swine Fever.
  • During the first 8 months of 2020, China has imported 54,301.8 mt of grains from Russia. This is broken down in types of grain in the following table.
Type Volume (mt)
Wheat 42,000.0
Oat 11,000.0
Buckwheat 1,301.8

Broken down in ownership type of importer:

Type Volume (mt)
Privately owned 42,000.0
State owned 12,000.0
Foreign owned 301.8

Update 22/9/2020

  • Instant noodle maker Chef Kong is cooperating with China’s indigenous UC Browser in launching a limited edition of its Sudawan instant cup noodles.
  • The top 3 Chinese alcoholic beverage companies of 2020 are the same as last year: Maotai (value: RMB 348.641 billion), Wuliangye (283.524), China Resources (219.561).
  • Yili Dairy has launched a limited edition of its Ambrosial drinking yoghurt with moon cake flavour to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival.

Update 23/9/2020

  • McDonalds China has announced that it intends to invest RMB 100 mln in training new talent.
  • Chef Kong has added a beverage daughter in Foshan, Guangdong. This is yet another step of CK in its divestment from instant noodles to beverages.
  • Mengniu Dairy and Ningxia State Farms have signed an agreement to jointly construct a dairy company in Lingwu (Ningxia). Mengniu will hold 80% of the shares and Ningxia State Farms 20%.
  • Hankou Factory Nr 2 has launched a new drink combing oat milk and tea.

Update 24/9/2020

  • The Food & Drink 2020 report of the Brand Finance lists Yili and Mengniu as the world’s 1st and 3rd most valuable dairy brands.
  • The Chinese output of farm grown edible fungi in 2019 was 3,436,800 mt; up 4.59%.
  • China has produced 33,089,800 mt of eggs in 2019; up 5.78%.
  • China has produced 1,757,800 mt of modified starch in 2019; up 5.96%.
  • The Chinese production of prebiotics for 2020 is estimated at 188,600 mt; up 1.84%.

Update 25/9/2020

  • Noodle maker Baixiang has launched a series of dried noodles with condiments that need to be boiled for consumption; positioned between regular and instant noodles.
  • China has produced 328,000 mt of white beech mushrooms in 2019; up 9.6%.
  • Insiders expect that the Chinese output of curcuma in 2020 will reach 72,180 mt; up 7.6%.