What on earth are . . . dumplings?

What do Chinese eat, when they have something to celebrate: dumplings! Dumplings are small round sheets of dough (flour + water) filled with minced meat + condiments + vegetables. After a piece of filling has been placed in the centre … Continue reading

I Love You – what Chinese do with oats

The first three words of the title of this post refer to a campaign of Xibei Youmian, a restaurant chain specialised in oat noodles. You(mian) is the Chinese word for ‘oats (noodles)’                        Naked oat has more than 2100 year … Continue reading

Enzyme applications in the Chinese food and beverage industry

I have a weak spot for enzymes, as this was one of the first type of food ingredients I worked with, when I started to get involved in the Chinese food industry. That was in 1985. China is a huge … Continue reading

Sour is the new sweet in China – young Chinese food scientists play with vinegar

Vinegar, i.e. the Chinese cereals-based vinegar, has been an important ingredient in Chinese cuisine for ages. A famous application is vinegar-based dipping for dumplings. Vinegar is a growth product in China, although only 30% of the output is branded vinegar … Continue reading

Eggs – Chinese like them salty

Eggs are one of the oldest ingredients of food in China, witness the 2800-year old eggs on exhibition in Nanjing. China has produced 33,089,800 mt of eggs in 2019; up 5.78%. Chinese cuisine includes many dishes with eggs as the … Continue reading

Belt and Road – Wheat and Yeast, and more

By now, the new motto of the Chinese government, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) aka One Belt One Road (OBOR), is known all over the world. Not only the national government, but also local governments in China, enterprises, and … Continue reading